The Gospel and Conspiracy Theories

The act of presenting the gospel is not like Jehovah’s Witnesses. The message needs to adjust to each situation. Part of this adjustment is demolishing strongholds which is a stumbling block to the hearers. Lies can be this stumbling block. Like the rich young ruler believed that salvation could be obtained by works. Technocracy, of which covid is just its trojan horse, is anti-Christian and needs to be demolished. The heaven technocrats lure society into, is described as being happy and owning nothing. Technocracy is no theory but a plan backed by billions of dollars and already implemented to a large degree in China. It’s quickly becoming a global policy through the vaccine passports. Its doctrines are anti-natural order, anti-family and anti-Christian. The visible churches dismissal of it as a conspiracy theory will probably lead to or is a sign of losing its saltiness. Studying technocracy is a useful way to get to know the overarching dominant ideology leading the world today. Please read the article “THE NEOLIBERAL GLOBALIST TECHNOCRACY AS A RELIGION”. The good news for Christians is that we need not be afraid and we should continue with the work God has given us in order to be faithful stewards. God is sovereign even though sometimes it looks like man with his technology is.

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