My history of medical knowledge progression

When I read Natasha Campbell-McBrides’ book, GAPS, Gut And Psychology Syndrome, in 2010, it was incredibly informative for me. What I learned since lockdown 2020 began, ties in with what I learned from her regarding the role that the terrain plays in health. As far as I know, she still lacks the new insights I learned since lockdown, namely the unfounded claims of the germ theory of disease.
I understand that the autistic condition is basically children carrying a huge toxic burden in their bodies mainly due to vaccinations. The heavy metals such as aluminium and mercury in vaccinations do tremendous damage to the body, especially if the body also has the burden of poor diet and environment. Regarding diet, I learned that organic/biological food plays an important role in reducing the toxic burden. The organic label name is not a sufficient guideline. Ideally one wants to get both organic and nutrient-dense vegetables and fruits. Also known as “high brix produce“. See Carey Reams‘ research on this.

Recently, I realized how important the discipline of fasting can be in curing long-term chronic health problems. I experienced it personally. Fasting is, of course, considered dangerous by conventional medicine. The problem is that it doesn’t distinguish between fasting and starvation. People who fast properly have no hunger for food at all. Millions of people eat out of pure habit. One can eat the best food, but if the body is weakened by toxic burdens, that food is of little use. That is why fasting plays such an important role in getting rid of the accumulated toxins so that the body can make better use of food. I believe one of the most beneficial things obtained during a fast is mental clarity and calmness which is essential for healing. This creates the ideal mental conditions for prayer and meditation on Biblical truths. German New Medicine is an interesting school of medicine which deals with health from a unique perspective. This appears to be mainly focused on the mental conflicts a person had in his history and dealing with them appropriately.

I came to the conclusion this year that the school of Natural Hygiene is the medical philosophy that is the most in harmony with reality. There are different approaches under this name. Some teach to eat only plants. My only conviction in food is organic and high brix foods. Meat plays an important role for many people in getting the necessary nutrients into the body.

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