Is it better to attack science or murder logic?

Is it better to attack science or murder logic?

Answer: Science exists to be attacked.

None of sociology, theology, anthropology, cosmology etc is science as it should be defined.

Science is the intellectual endeavour to TRY to find valid explanations of natural phenomena using a systematic research method.

The explanations must always be open to being attacked. If it is not, like in the case with the pathology paradigm, it is no longer science but has become scientism. Many valid scientific studies have been made against the pathology paradigm which is been suppressed or ignored.

The tyrants very much like the pathology paradigm because it gives them a lot of power to do just what they want under the shelter that they help people.

the big keys to Science rest on a couple of things. Thanks to Jordan Grant:

“#1, you MUST have a real, observed natural phenomenon.

#2, you must be able to make a hypothesis. A cause and effect SUPPOSITION.

#3, you must be able to experimentally TEST this hypothesis.

#4, the most important part of the EXPERIMENT is the……drumroll….INDEPENDENT VARIABLE. The thing you think is CAUSING the effect.

Your IV must be REAL. You must be able to vary and manipulate it. In the case of “viruses”, this would be “nanoparticles” FOUND IN HUMANS that are thought to be causing a specific disease. This destroys virology as a science, since they have never put “virus theory” through the scientific method.


“Man does not need to know truth about nature to be able to do useful science. Nature is incapable of communicating any truth about itself. Matter has no mind. Mindless matter cannot reveal anything about itself to men with minds. What we believe to be truth about nature (i.e. laws of science) are our own inventions. Careful observation and repeatable experimentation can help us to deal with our material environment, but we should not expect to arrive at truth about nature when our experiences are extremely limited, our subject is in a constant state of mutation, and our senses and minds are fallible.”

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